Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Oh Gwyenth

So in the news today was a story on Gwyenth Paltrow's use of the n word in a tweet.  Thought I would provide the link to the story as opposed to having to rehash it.

Of course it went on to be a hot topic on various radio and tv shows today.  In fact, as topics such as this usually do many got in a heated debate over it. 

In my opinion there should be nothing to debate.  It's time to let the word go, no one should be using the word. Honestly why can't it be that simple? (in fact while we are at it let's get rid of some other not so nice words as well in the English vocabulary)

Its just that if certain people are going to continue using it in songs, titles, referring to each other, etc., then be offended when others use the word....then stop using the word like it means nothing.  If a word is that offensive should it not be used at all?  Doesn't that make sense, why would anyone want to use it?

Such a topic brings up many very sensitive issues that our society just seems to continue not to deal with.  When will the world ever just be able to live as one....see each other for who people are, not what color,ethnicity, sex, religion, etc, they are? (or for that matter whatever other things we seem to find to judge others on)  So tired of the judgement that happens in our society everyday.  It's time to stop all the judging and some how come together as one. 

Wish we could all live in harmony....


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