Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Musings

Hard to believe it's Monday already.  Yeah I pretty much say that every Monday but it's the truth.  Weekends go by so quick, exactly why everyone should have three days off instead of just two. 

The man is back to work after his little vacation.  The week was rather interesting, the first half was all tv.  But as the week progressed we actually did some things as well.  And that was really nice!

Evening strolls, a little shopping, golf, lunch with the niece and snuggle moments made the week more special than I had originally imagine.  When I actually get him away from the tv and other gadgets he is a completely different person.  Hence why I love any thing we do that doesn't involve electronics of any sort.  The house feels so quiet and empty with him back to work, downside of being home all day is it eventually gets lonely.

I got to play with my niece for a little, yes I actually jumped on a big wheel and rode around with her.  Which always leaves me asking....why don't people play more?  Life would be much more fun if adults could simply play like kids, you know without having to ingest alcohol or other substances to have fun. 

The USOpen was rather exciting it's nice to see someone other than Tiger dominate.  Of course after watching all that golf we ventured out for a little chip n putt. 

And about now I need a nap.  My Monday has involved scrubbing the shower which is never easy, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, loads of laundry and a bath for the little one.  Pretty much when I discovered she had poo stuck to her everything in the house got cleaned.  She is probably one of the cleanest dogs you will ever meet as because of her severe skin allergies she gets bathed at least once a week.  And of course I'm rather a germ freak of sorts but that's a whole other story.

Is it play time yet? :)

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