Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Musings

This Monday I'm feeling rather restless, my mind feels overwhelmed with a million thoughts.  Yet there is a feeling of having no where to go with all the thoughts, if that makes sense.  Both the house and health issues have really been on my mind lately, just wishing for some sort of resolution I suppose.  And I feel like I have reached a wall with my art, ever heard the term writers funk?  Well I'm in an art funk. The creativity is not flowing. Or I have an idea but cannot create it as I imagine. The extent of my creativity has involved doodling and coloring like a kid while working on many other things.

The man is on vacation this week but his plan is basically to chill on the couch and watch tv all week.  Not that it is any different than most weekends, but there is a reason behind it this week but he doesn't need me to blog about it. (somethings need to be private)  It's nice having him home but as I have said before him zoning constantly in front of tv drives me nuts sometimes. As I just wanna do fun stuff with him. ; )

Luckily my mother came over this weekend and we had fun.  Her and I spent the day running errands, which means we went shopping.  Honestly I don't know why but I enjoy shopping.  Unfortunately I'm not a millionaire so have to work within a budget. (hence why I avoid shopping at certain places all together as I don't want to be tempted)  I find the easiest way to avoid temptation is to simply not even go near those things in life that hold temptation.

In need of sleep clothes I have been at a total loss, either everything is cut so low rise it fits like one big wedgy or perfectly cut but ridiculously expensive.(and I just refuse to pay a lot for clothes knowing the huge market up that occurs)  Luckily I came across the perfect short sets at Walmart not to mentioned perfectly priced at $4.50 and sets at $8.47. 

Followed by some food shopping so I could whip up this new Pumpkin Bread recipe.

And lately our shopping adventures have been followed with a cherry berry chiller at McDonalds.  No matter where we decide to eat lunch we still get a chiller.  They are delicious, and I highly recommend trying it. (though I wish they were a tad cheaper)

Sunday was basically clean up day, oh and it seems I have taken over grilling duties in our household as well.  Seriously just call me the grill master please. ;)  Though I welcome grilling tips as there is always room for improvement and lots to learn.  And would much prefer the man be in charge of the grill but if I have to well I might as well learn as much as I can about the art of cooking on a grill.

Which brings me to Monday.  The Kings play tonight and I'm hoping they can win this game.  Why you ask would any Flyers fan be routing for another team?  One the Kings have four former Flyer players (not to mention they got our cute ones) and two Jersey always knocks us out of the playoffs.  So it makes  sense.  And is Justin Williams not a cutie.  Let's go Kings!  Anyone want to watch some hockey with me?

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