Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Musings

Monday!  And what a day already, woke up thinking it was 7 only to find out it was 3 am.  Pretty much stayed up the rest of the night so sleepiness is definitely starting to kick in.  After a rather busy weekend I was surprised I had such difficulty sleeping but then again pms will do that to a woman.  ; )

Weather wise it was unusual as we went from sun to storms most of the weekend.  Luckily we were able to fit in some outdoor activities around all the storms. 

Friday afternoon the little one and I enjoyed each others company as we sat on the deck inhaling the flowers and beauty around us.  It's so important to have moments like these, I find being out in nature puts the mind in a whole other world.  If only I could convince the man to spend more time outside and less in front of the tv.


Of course after our beautiful afternoon in the warmth of the sun.  Friday night turned quite stormy, to the point tornado warnings were flashing on screen to warn us a tornado was headed in our direction.  As we learned the next day it never made it to the ground.  We most worry about the little one, can we protect and keep her safe in such strong winds.  As you can see she prepared for all the stormy weather.

Saturday was pretty much spent food shopping, between shopping for five weeks worth of food then cutting and freezing it all, well it basically takes up a day.  And wouldn't you know while trying to cut all the chicken up I had dizzy spells. (for some reason looking down can really bring them on)

The man always partakes in his weekend morning ritual of running errands and going for a drive alone. He can be such the loner at times.  And while he got quality couch time this weekend I seemed to be working my butt off and stuck with a boat load of dishes.

Though Sunday I did convince him to partake in a little mini golf.  The man doesn't like to do things but once he gets going he has fun.  He is funny like that.  And yes due to the dizziness I now pretty much always wear a hat when out in the sun.  So much for my hair getting those sun kissed summer highlights.

This Monday there is much to be accomplished but after little sleep I am struggling to get off the couch.  That is why I feel stressed when I cannot sleep as I dislike the groggy, cranky, anxious, sleepy feeling it leaves me with the next day.

Oh and I never did convince the man to part from the tv for some romance.  What did people do before the tv was invented, do you think they had more romance back then?  I just need a little good old fashioned romance.  It's something that tends to get overlooked in our society these days.  Maybe that's why I'm singing the theme to the Love Boat this morning.  Who knows but my sleepy butt needs to get off the couch and get moving.


  1. Sounds to me like you need to "accidentally" cut the cords on all of the televisions in your house, haha! Glad y'all were safe from the storms- and how cute is your little baby in that raincoat! Did you ever figure out what causes your dizzy spells?

  2. I have thought about that, or bringing in that Intervention show to wean him of his tv and other gadgets. haha None of the specialists I have seen have any clue as to what is causing the dizzy spells it's been so crazy!


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