Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Woof Wednesday

Welcome to Woof Wednesday!  I had all intentions of featuring dogs from across the country like I usually do, until I came across these special dogs in Texas that I just could no resist. 

These special Westies have some degree of allergy/skin conditions that require a little more care, love, patient and resources than say the average dog.  These skin conditions are not easy at times, they may require some vet visits, frequent baths, special medications, diets and what not.  But these little dogs have the sweetest personalities and so much love to offer.  They just need a little extra care but don't we all? 

Please let's find these special Westies good homes where they will be unconditionally cared for and loved! 

 Stanley was given up my his owner because they could not fix his skin problem.  But Westie Rescue has him almost back on the road to recovery again. Won't be long before he has a full head of hair.  Either way he is a sweet dog who just needs a little extra care and love.  Who doesn't right so lets find this guy the loving home he so deserves!

Stanley - Houston, TX


 Westie Rescue Houston, Houston, TX

Mac came to the rescue with no hair but once he was fed proper food and given bubbly baths his hair is coming back healthy and white!  He is nine but no couch potato.  Loves to play with his toys and am  his westie foster sisters.  The only special needs he has are eye drops every day, but that's easy. He loves humans so a family where someone is around a lot would be perfect for him.  This little guy is a sweetheart who simply needs a loving home.       

Mac - Houston,TX


 Westie Rescue Houston, Houston, TX

Snoopy is a rescue of the SPCA but not much information has been supplied about him other than the fact that he is about one years old.   The people at the SPCA could probably provide more information now that he has spent some time with them though.  Just look how adorable he is and what it would mean to him to find a great home!

Snoopy - Dallas, TX