Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sun Please

Hoping the sun comes out from hiding soon.  It's hard to believe March was our warmest month in history as pretty much since then the weather in Philadelphia has been chilly and rather overcast.  It hasn't felt like Spring at all.

Now I don't know about anyone else but there is only so much cloudy weather I can take before I start feeling lethargic, a tad cranky and out right craving sun.  Not that with the dizzy spells I can even spend as much time in the sun as I would like, but just seeing the sun shine in the window is wonderful.  And warm Spring temps would be nice too.  As a person that tends to feel cold more often than not, it's nice to feel warm occasionally. 

It's hard to make any outfit look cute when one always has to wear a fleece over everything to keep warm.  And summer clothes are just so much cuter than the bulky winter gear. ;) 

Anyway, guessing we will go right from chilly to the hot stuff though.  That's one of those things I miss about San Diego the temperature always seemed rather perfect.  Not too hot nor too cold.  But here on the east coast the temperatures tend to fluctuate from one extreme to the other.  And it just seems like the chilly temps stick around much longer than the warm ones.

When the little one is snuggled into the blanket that is pretty much our barometer for chilliness. As when it warms up she won't go near the blankets nor even couch.  So please sun come back soon bring with you some warm temperatures too!

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