Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pants Search

So I rarely talk about fashion but today I came across capri's on Old Navy's website that I thought looked perfect.  But what size to order became something I spent a little too much time having to ponder. 

Am I the only one who cannot get pants to ever fit?  Most would consider my frame small at 5'4" and 104 lbs., in fact if one goes by the health charts I'm under weight.  And have spent most my life trying to  gain weight. In my younger years I was a measly 98 lbs yet pants still fit awkwardly.  You see because all those number above can be deceiving when it comes to sizing of clothes. 

I have what would be considered a boyish figure of sorts in that my waist and hips are practically the same size.  In fact, I decided to go get the exact measurements as I write this.  If I measure the way they explain online I'm at 30 waist (they say not to pull too tightly for comfortable fit) and 32 hips.  Now let me compare that to standard size chart from Old Navy.
0    1    2
4    6
8    10
12    14
16    18
WAIST 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30½ 32½ 34½ 37 39½
HIPS 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41½ 43½ 45½ 48 50½

So by health charts I'm a small frame and underweight, yet my waist in the clothing chart world would be classified as a large and my hips don't even make the chart. It makes no sense.  There is no room in clothes sizing for bodies that don't fit some standard chart and needs to include various body types not just some standard numerical measurement.

Usually I buy a size 2, if they are low rise I need a belt and forget about getting a size two in a high waist. If I try to go up in size to accommodate my waist the legs are swimming.

Honestly it doesn't matter if one is skinny or overweight finding a perfect pair of pants is still impossible.  These standard measurement charts are crazy!

Oh and those capri's I wanted at Old Navy are basically sold out in every size and color I wanted to try.  So between writing this I actually went to the closet mall....Macy's, Gap, Forever 21, Target you name it. Not only did I find nothing that fit that was under $40 I could barely find any capri's and it's only May.   Maybe I need to buy a sewing machine and start designing my own, at least they would conform to my not so standard measurements! 


  1. Pant shopping is the bane of my existence. Oh the drama. Maybe that is why I always wear dresses? GOod luck on your search and adventure!

  2. Dresses is a great idea!


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