Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Musings

Monday already?  This weekend seemed to fly by.

Friday evening there were errands to be done.  Saturday was my niece's kids party at Pump It Up where we bounced and jumped around on huge air filled basketball courts, obstacles courses, slides and you name it.  Of course with the whole dizziness thing I still felt like I was bouncing after the fact. ha  

The kids party was followed by one for family.  Then home to watch playoff hockey and basketball.

Sunday was spent scrubbing the deck, trimming bushes and hosing down the patio furniture it turned into a bigger task than expected. But it was worth it.

The man was in couch mode after all that, so why he relaxed watching golf I grilled us dinner. 

Oh and received a beautiful Hydrangea from the little one for Mother's Day. 

That's all I got this Monday besides let's go Sixers! :)

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