Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Musings

This Monday it's back to being overcast here, though it seemed perfect weather to get a little weeding done.  And work on getting the hanging baskets up so they can start growing.  Little did I realize how high the pollen levels were....not only was I covered in it, but my body let me know it wasn't having the pollen coughing, sneezing and watery eyes consumed me after. (plus all the looking down set off a little dizziness)  

But hey it looks clean outside now so it was worth it.  Should have taken a beforehand photo to show the difference but of course I was covered in dirt by the time I thought of it.  Actually weeding is a great analogy for other things in life as well.

It's good to just clean and weed out unnecessary things that might be weighing life or the beauty around us down. Know what I mean? The principles of Feng Shui believe in trying to balance the energies of any given space to attract or create a good fortune or what some might look at as a positiveness.  One cannot help but wonder if there is some truth to this.  There is definitely a completely different feel to a room that is clean, organized, etc., verse one that is not. 

In between watching NHL and NBA playoff games we had a little game night over the weekend.  For some reason Risk is not my game and of course the man won.  In fact, he won big by taking over every continent and he seemed to love every moment of it....that's only because I kicked his butt the previous game night.  I don't know why I don't capture this stuff in photos but sometimes guess I just want to enjoy the moment instead of whipping out the camera.  But it would have made a great photo. ha

Saturday pretty much spent the entire day looking for gifts for my niece who will only wear dresses.  And of course bought a few items in the process as well.  Literally I cannot go near any store with cute stuff I literally get sucked in.  But of course all that shopping and still cannot find capri's.  At least the dizziness held off for a little which can be unpredictable because sometimes all the eye movement involved in browsing while shopping can bring it on.  (what doesn't right) ha  

Sunday involved a little more errands and lots of cleaning as yes I spelled a large glass of cran blueberry juice all over our bedroom carpet which hit the white bedding, furniture and just about everything else that was near it.  Talk about a mess. Did I mentioned it spilled at 5 am.  Oh yeah, we won't even go into it let's just say after a lot of hard work everything pretty much looks like new. 

Well I never intended to write this much but so be it.  Time to do a little more weeding this Monday! :)

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