Thursday, May 31, 2012


Lately I have come across blogs apologizing for what they write, they seem to feel bad if they express their honest beliefs, thoughts or opinions.

As if there is some unwritten rule amongst bloggers what they should or should not talk about.  For example one girl mention how she felt bad about getting too political.  Another apologized for writing something  deep/emotional.  Yet another apologized for talking about her religious beliefs.  It left me feeling rather perplexed.

Blogging should not be a place where people have to hold back their thoughts, opinions or whatever else.  Every blog is original and unique in their own way that's what makes them so great to read.  Besides isn't it differences that help us all learn from one another.

It feels as if many bloggers seem to be afraid to express their true thoughts/opinions or write what is important to them out of fear they will lose followers, sponsors or even be criticized for their beliefs.  And speaking of sponsors sometimes it seems they take presence over actual writing.  There are many a blog that seemingly turn into a bevy of requesting sponsors, or constantly having to promote the sponsors they do have.  Which in my opinion not only tends to take away from the concept of a blog but the genuineness of the writing and why people read it in the first place.

For instance it's great to have sponsors but when devoting posts to promoting these sponsors I often wonder if they truly like the blogs/companies they are promoting.  Know what I mean?  It's great that some people get paid to blog but I cannot help but wonder what overall influence or effect that has eventually on the originality of the blog or writing. And giveaways are great but reading a genuine post about someone's life, job, family, travel,recipes, cooking, thoughts, whatever is so much more interesting.

I say worry less about the number of followers, sponsors, giveaways, criticism and just concentrate on sharing what means the most to a blogger. When it comes to blogging people should just concentrate on writing from the heart, listening to their soul and share whatever it is they so choose.  In my opinion that is when the true beauty of the blog shines the most.  I myself find reading and learning about others....their lives, opinions, thoughts, etc., fascinating.  It opens my mind to ideas, information, knowledge, ways of living, loving and overall worlds I may have never knew possible! 

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