Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beach Adventure

Here on the East Coast, or should I say Mid Atlantic region,  it's difficult to find beaches that allow dogs year round.  Usually they are permitted during the off season from say October to April.  Occasionally a few here and there allow them through May.  And then maybe one or two that actually allow them all year round but demote the dogs to the buggiest, not so great me these are few and far between.

Although we live in Pennsylvania New Jersey beaches are only about a hour and half drive.  So  we try to have a beach day with the little one before dogs are not allowed on the beach.  This year was a little tough as April proved to be chilly, and the shore is usually at least 5-10 degrees cooler than here.  So we waited hoping it would warm up but May has only produced maybe one 80 degree day.

This week the forecast was for sunny, 73 on Friday so we took our chances.  The man took off and we headed to the beach!  We arrived to find the beach empty.  When do you ever see that? 

Made our way down toward the water which is never easy with chairs, big beach bag, umbrella and one little dog who prefers to leisurely stroll.  There was a gusty wind so our umbrella was not staying put, since the little one and even me, need shade for a whole day in the sun we scoured the beach for a solution.   Long behold the path in between the sand dunes that leads to the beach soon became our little enclave.  The sand dunes protected us from the rather fierce winds.  Can you see us?

 Though it was bright sun, the ocean winds made it feel much cooler outside of our little sand dunes.  By the water was down right chilly.  But honestly I didn't care as we are talking about a girl who will sit on the beach in the middle of winter.  Of course I had to dip my feet in, was tempted to jump in but the water is still rather icy here without a wet suit on.

Then when my body gave into the chills I ran back to our little warm sand dune haven where the bright sun was keeping us nice and toasty.  It was like day and night temperature wise.  Eventually a few other couples showed up but they too disappeared to find their own sand dune shelters.

Since it was a little hike to the water, and being the wind was a little much for our girl instead of walking to the water she frolicked on the beach around where we sat.  It was one of those days where one feels grateful to even be there and enjoying the beauty of nature.  

There is no place quite like the beach it's the one place where my soul simply feels at home.  The sound of the ocean, the feel of the sand, smell of salt water, warmth of the sun and the beauty of the shells holds such an awe inspiring feeling to it.  Whenever we do make it to the beach I find it so hard to leave.  I find myself lingering hoping that maybe a beach house will magically be given to us.  There I stood looking endlessly at the ocean but no house appeared so we headed back home.  Or course a girl can still dream about having a small beach house.....

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