Friday, April 6, 2012


The stress that I felt this week seemed to melt away yesterday.   Even if for only a day it felt good to simply get outside, have fun and play!

My niece and sister came over to spend the day.   The weather was a little chilly, but bright and sunny.

To my niece that meant getting her bike and scooter out to ride around our long drive way.   What I did not know is that I would soon be riding her little princess scooter.   And she didn't want to simply ride, oh no she wanted to race.  Not exactly an easy task given I've got a brain that gets dizzy if I do anything too fast these days. But the princess scooter must have been exactly what I needed as the dizziness stayed at bay for a little.

We had a delicious lunch as well.  

Anyway, I am thankful for the day of fun as it was much needed.   It made me smile and laugh in ways I haven't in a while. 

By evening it left me wondering how I could get the man to play more.  Better yet will the man ever be able to have simple fun that doesn't involve staring at the computer or tv.  I'm not sure but I do know this we need more of it our life.  And yesterday just confirmed that!


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