Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Musings

Yes it's Monday already.  Seriously where do the weekends go?

Our weekend was rather busy bowling Friday night, grocery shopping Saturday which literally feels like it consumes a day....2 hours shopping, then stocking cupboards, freezing meats and so on.

Sunday we browsed Whole Foods for some supplements and other little things.  Then decided to try a rather elaborate recipe for stuffed cabbage that left all over burners in use and took much more work than anticipated. Was going to take a photo of the chaos but thought it wise to keep the camera out of the kitchen as I've been known to have mine drop in things.  The clean up was monstrous, little disappointed the man didn't swoop in to help but won't go there. ;)

Not to mention the Flyers game was on, the plan was to have it all completed before the game but I basically the cleanup took over first period.  But hey at least the Flyers won!  (my favorite sport is def a challenge to watch with the dizziness, as all the quick back and forth motion can bring it on)  Baseball and golf have become the easiest to watch.

Oh and the recipe produced a great dinner but we both agreed the work involved probably wasn't worth making again.  Though it is a fabulous recipe and I will include a copy under recipes for any one who might like to give it a try.

And would like to give thanks to Jenn at Munchkinland Designs for helping me create this new blog design.  I had a bunch of visions regarding the blog, some of which were attainable some not, and Jenn worked hard to make one of them possible.  So many thanks to her.  Seriously go check out her designs they are lovely and unique!

Before my stomach rumbles any louder, I need to get some lunch.  Turkey and sweet potatoes with a vitamin water!

And yes here is me making a funny face next to the pile of dishes, there was more stacked on the other side of the sink.  (and no this cottage house does not have a dishwasher, it would need an extensive renovation to be able to fit and hook one up) 

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