Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Musings

Monday but after a holiday weekend it sure doesn't feel like it.  

Not sure what overcame the man this weekend but it was a fun one! (of course it helps when sports are dwindling down)  Seriously I wish every weekend could be like this.    

Both Friday and Saturday night we played board games.  Yeah you heard correctly, of course the tv was  on but the focus was actually on the games.  We even went to Target, where we browsed a little without feeling the man's normal get in and out rush.  Even had a laugh when our case of water fell off the bottom of the cart onto the escalator lift, which basically shut it down.  Had to get a Target employee to unlock the escalator so we could get our cart back. 

Oh but it gets better on Easter the man came home with two beautiful flowers and sweet cards.  And then suggested we take a family photo. Whoa has some one taken over the man's body?

Now of course the Masters fell on Easter, so the man did spend much of his time at my family's house glued to the tv.  (I like the Masters as well)  But he didn't bring his computer nor do work so got to give him kudos for that.  Though he did text at the dinner table and while driving, could still use a little phone etiquette. Actually all his friends do....they spend more time texting then focusing on their families/wives.  But that's another story for a different day. ha

And to make the weekend better we got to spend it with my niece yesterday.  Easter egg hunt, tea party,you name it we did it.   It was a crazy day with a lot of laughs.  She is a ball of energy and fun.  Not to mention very perceptive and smart.  It's amazing how she listens, processes and takes in what is being said hence one has to watch what they say and the language they use around her.

I think it's a huge lesson for all ages....we should all becareful of what we say, how we say it and the words we choose.  As words can have a profound affect on even adults. Not only treat others as you would want to be treated but talk to people as you would want to be talked to.  Just a little bit of wisdom for this Monday.

What a great weekend. And whatever got into the man I hope it stays.  : )

Random photos of our Easter.

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