Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Musings

Yesterday we drove by the most beautiful old houses, and I felt myself welling up with emotion.   My dream of owning our own home feels like a pipe dream.  Yet how deeply I long to own one.

Renting this little cottage we live in now has only strengthened that desire.  The thought of having to leave these house in five months, and move all over again leaves me feeling overwhelmed.  There is just something about knowing you have place that is all yours that is special.  Plus something to invest ones hard earned money into instead of giving it away. 

Not sure why things happen as they do.  But me having to give up working due to these dizzy spells really put a damper on the dream.  With the man's bad credit I feel like it all depends on me. And cleaning up his credit has been so much harder then I ever imagined.  Talk about feeling stress, it's so hard not to let it weigh me down. 

It's interesting but weekends tend to bring to light the man's procrastinating ways. (or his lack to want to be bothered with any kind of work other than his website when home)  When people say they don't have any time, yet have time to spend hours watching tv well that drives me nuts.  And the man is great at it.

Putting the longing for a house aside, the weekend had some fun moments as well, suppose I cannot dwell on those things I cannot control but boy is it hard.  Anyway....

Saturday my mother and I did a little browsing at Target.  We found the most wonderful, bright colored mugs.  I love color, my kitchen is full of it....sunny yellows, beach blues, sage greens, bright oranges and even red.   Anytime I see items in that color I get excited.  And we even went by Old Navy who has the nicest, inexpensive jewelry perfect for a person on a budget.  Lately I like their jewelry more than the clothes. (they have a much wider selection of jewelry in the stores then online)

Sunday I got involved in more work than anticipated.  The man bought a bonsai at the Philadelphia Flower Show upon watering he saw black bugs emerge from the plant.  Being I have a whole house full of plants it got isolated outside.  But the man brought it back in the other night only to have those black bugs decide to emerge again.  Found them walking along a counter near our back door.  Not a good sign as usually the typical houseplant bug does not leave the plant.  So why are these things now walking on other surfaces?  (he's too busy watching tv to help in the clean up) 

So whisk the plant outside once again, still trying to figure out why it was brought back inside before being treated.   Then began the tedious task of vacuuming, mopping and wiping down area they were roaming.  Really hoping they don't spread any further but still trying to figure out what they even are!

And then got involved with taking apart the vacuum to clean all the parts that basically fill up with dirt which leads to less suction.  Turns out those bagless vacs should be cleaned frequently to keep the components from clogging, but boy is it a messy job.  Fun stuff.  

Life around here is never boring. 

This Monday I'm still thinking about those houses.  Looking back one regret of mine is simply not saving enough money when I was in my early twenties so I could have bought a house.  At that age I was too busy traveling the world to even think about it.  Ah the things we learn. 

Oh well it's Monday and it is what it is.  Oprah's new life class with Tony Robbins is on her network OWN this evening going to check that out for sure as I like both so it should be rather wisdom packed.

And I think I need to start taking more photos it would be fun to document with photos what I write about.   This is what my world looked like this morning when I stepped outside.  

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