Thursday, March 22, 2012


Forget what I was going to write about today.   I'm too distracted by Tebow.  : )

Yes my boy is coming back to the East Coast, and he will be only a two hour drive from here.(less with no traffic)  

It's a bittersweet because I'm disappointed with the way he was treated in Denver.  I mean come on Elway  promised the guy he would be a starter this season, then brings in an aging, injured Peyton Manning and leaves Tebow with nothing?  I didn't like the move, nor do I like a lot of moves that are made in sports these days.  

Mainly I dislike the lack of loyalty that exists.  Gone are the days where a player started and retired with one team.  Personally speaking I think it takes away from the game, not to mention the ability of fans to be able to truly connect with players and teams.

I still remember the day the Flyers traded Brind'amour I was crushed.  I ate,slept and breathed my team but after that I found myself  following two teams, which led to simply following my favorite players. 

For instance when it comes to the Eagles I simply cannot follow a team that allows a man who horribly tortured animals to be the quarterback of any team.  Hence it strengthened my desire to simply follow and enjoy my favorite athletes instead of just one team.  Anyway, getting back to Tebow.

Tebow stands for everything good, and in a world that seems overrun at times by negativity rather than positivity it's refreshing.  Wish more athletes could inspire to be like him and have his attitude.  I truly believe the world would be a better place.

He makes the underdogs in life believe and think that they too can do and be anything they choose.  He has faith that many may never understand and provides inspiration in many various ways.  But what I most admire about Tebow is he stands by what he believes in, he doesn't let the naysayers of life weigh him down or change him.  Plus being a virgin he isn't trying to bed everything that walks like so many athlete's think is okay and cool to do.

I'm not saying the guy is perfect by any means, he has flaws and imperfections just like the rest of us. But I do think we need more people like him in this world,  more role models like him for not only the kids, but the adults as well.  Seriously sometimes it feels like genuinely nice people, with good virtues and morals are the rarity in our society, when they should be the norm. 

Oh I'm excited that Tebow is close now. but disappointed because he won't be the starter and who knows how much playing time he will get due to the fact they already have two quarterbacks.  The Jets are a team that fell apart last year, their locker room is anything but united nor even nice.  The division has led to nasty arguments and comments amongst it's players.  Not to mention the coach is a rough around the edges type who drops more F bombs then most care to endure.

Is it a good environment for someone like Tebow probably not.   Should he have got to start this season for Denver, I strongly believe so.  He proved himself worthy of it last season but now, well now who knows.  People can say all they want and maybe his skills aren't as perfect as say Peyton's but he has heart, determination, faith, hope and a strong ethnic sometimes those are the very things that can take one from average to exceptional.

It's going to be real tough coming into New York to play for the Jets.  Hoping that good can prevail here, and he can go on to do something real big in New York. 

I won't say go Jets just yet instead I will say this.....welcome to the jungle and go Tebow!


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