Sunday, March 11, 2012

Soul Sunday

The potential words have to change individuals, groups, society, and even
 the world are immense.   

I've never understood the saying....

"Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me"

Words can sting much deeper than sticks or stones, and can stay with one their whole lives.  

 So why are words so carelessly thrown around.  We have all heard the negativity that gets spewed into our world when people choose to use words like stupid, retarded, gay, weak, ugly, idiot, fat, and so on.  Those words hurt those who they are intended for. 

On the same note we can feel the positivity that fills the world when positive words such as beautiful, kind, compassionate, smart, strong, and so on, are used.

Just like anything else in life we must choose our words carefully.  If we want positive words we must give positive words.   And we must learn to some how ignore those who have nothing good to say.  To realize those who use negative words are usually in some way not happy with themselves for whatever reason.  Sometimes they are the ones who need to hear positive words the most.  

Yes words can hurt much deeper than sticks and stones but they also can change lives for the better.  They have the potential to allow our souls to blossom in ways many us can not even imagine.

So today and every day let's try to choose our words wisely.  Don't say to others what we would not want said unto us.

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