Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Musings

Monday is here already, and it feels like Spring here in Philadelphia!

The weather people are saying 70s all week, that is 16 degrees above normal for here.  The winter was above normal, so the flowers are starting to bloom which is something that usually doesn't happen until April. Hope it stays like this but not sure we can count on that as this is unusual. 

None the less great weather for Spring cleaning, which I got an early start on the previous week by completely cleaning my closet and donating a huge bag of clothes.  This morning I cleaned the man's though felt very disappointed when I found matches and cigarettes. (he gave up smoking in 2010, we threw away all matches and cigs so I know they aren't old ones)  And he says he has no clue how they got there. Really?   That is like saying the dog ate my homework.  ; )

Otherwise the weekend was great.  Saturday morning was spent at the Philadelphia Flower Show which always puts on an amazing display of flowers.  I was simply grateful to be able to go.  The theme this year is the Hawaiian Islands, it was beautiful.  The displays were even complete with beach huts and surfboards. Seeing anything of the sort makes me miss the beach so much.

Sunday we took the little one for a walk around the park, sat watched a little soccer.  Again I felt so grateful to just be outside and spending quality time with my loves.  We picked up a few groceries like fresh pollack then headed home.

We just started trying fish.  Neither one of us is fond of overly fishy tastes but wanted to add something different to our meals then just poultry or red meat.  So after not being crazy about tilipia or cod, yesterday we gave pollock a try and loved it.  It's good to try new things even though sometimes it takes us both a little convincing.

This Monday I'm feeling exhausted still got a ways to go with this Spring cleaning but might have to wait another day as you can see the little one is trying to get my attention.  Something tells me is getting impatience and wants to play ball.


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