Friday, March 30, 2012

Mega Million Dreams

The media seems to be focused on the history making 540,000 Mega Millions lottery.   Every one talking about what would they do if they won.  Such an enormous amount of money that it causes the imagination to run wild.  And yes hearing all these stories made me think about what I would do with that kind of money.

It's interesting because honestly not a lot came to mind.  I listened as the man talked about buying a new car, paying off debt and other such things.  But I could not think of anything I truly needed, well other then being able to afford health insurance with that kind of money.  Truth be told most the things I really need cannot be obtained with money.  But I suppose desire is another story.

So I pondered it a little more, there are two things I know for sure I would do if I won.

Buy a little cottage house by the beach with lots of land so that my family could each have a house there as well.  Of course I would probably have it renovated to match many of the rooms I have on my cottage board.  Yes that would be a dream come true for me.

But that is not the most important, I would want to use the money to create a beautiful animal rescue/sanctuary where no animal would ever be turned away and could stay there until finding a loving home.  The thought alone brings tears as it's something I long to do more than anything but what I vision would cost an enormous amount of money. 

And the only other thought that really comes to mind is using the money to clean up our world, to help make it a cleaner, safer, kinder and more loving place to live.  Now I have no idea if money could help in that endeavor but just maybe it could.  Because to accomplish those big things I would probably have to pay off a lot of politicians, big business and who knows who else right?  : )   Anyway....

It's interesting hearing what people would do.  It amazes me how many people would want fancy cars, big houses, exotic vacations, designer clothes and so on.  That is the kind of stuff I don't even think of, well may be the vacations.   In my opinion it would just be nice to know I and the ones I loved were secure financially, that would simply be enough to make me happy.   As I honestly think that would remove a lot of stress from most anyone's life.

So if I win don't expect to see me on the news, nope I would never want that kind of notoriety there won't be anything fancy being bought here.  This or some kind of little cottage house would be the only clue as to if I won and the door would be painted a robin blue.  And it would be surrounded by lots of dogs!

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