Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What A Day

The man has this lingering cold going on two weeks now, he started feeling better this weekend only to come home Monday saying he didn't feel good again.  So he's been home from work the past two days with a fever, cold, and then last night the dreaded upset stomach. 

Now let me tell you, for a germ phobic like myself that is basically torture.  Given all the health issues I've been dealing with lately I'm scared to get sick.  Honestly it's something I cannot afford right now. 

So this morning I basically tore apart the house, vacuuming, mopping, laundry, spraying lysol, wiping down the bathroom even scrubbing our hard to clean shower.  To say it was a messy task is an understatement.   As I'm covered in bleach like chemicals I thought to myself "should not the man being doing this" you know since he is the one who dirtied it. 

But alas my man has never cleaned a toilet in his life and he would let it sit there covered in just about anything before ever thinking of cleaning it.

I've decided next time I'm just bringing in a cleaning crew, and charging it to him.  ; )

Seriously though these viruses are no joke, and even though I cleaned the whole house I can't help but fear those germs are lurking.  Sounds silly I know but it's the truth.  In fact just thinking about it makes me nausea, yes the power of thought can be very powerful.

Glad that it's around 60 here in Philadelphia because it allowed me to open the windows and get some fresh air in as well.  I cannot handle all those strong cleaning chemicals without windows open.  And if anyone knows of a way to disinfect a house without having to use them I would love to hear about it.

 I must add that I really miss having a dishwasher. (our old little cottage house not only didn't come with one but there isn't even room for one)  And it just doesn't feel as if hand washing completely cleans as well as a dishwasher.  Read a few blogs that suggested bleaching utensils and plates, I wonder is that safe?

Even the little one got a bath.  Her fur is always so soft after a bath that I simply want to spend the rest of the day snuggling.  

Seriously what a day.  Never anticipated the week would involve all that it has.  Nor the house would get such an early Spring cleaning.

Speaking of Spring maybe I can convince the man to pick up some flowers given all my hard work cleaning up after him.  Especially since he still hasn't gotten around to getting me anything for my birthday yet. (not that I'm thinking about it or anything) haha  : )

Back to cleaning I go, and praying all the cleaning pays off.