Friday, February 3, 2012


Yesterday went to see yet another specialist, a neuro opthamologist.  Since none of the specialists have been able to pinpoint the cause or origin of these dizzy spells, and given the spells seem to revolve around visual stimulation, they thought it would be helpful to see a vision specialist.
After all kinds of unpleasant drops, and tests he informed me as like the others he has not a clue as to the origin of these spells.  He agrees as with all the others that it is strongly a vestibular disorder of some sort but cannot pinpoint the exact cause or location.  Whether it originates from the peripheral (ear) or central (brain) or maybe both they simply cannot tell at this point.
He suggested a few new medicine ideas. One that might help relieve brain and spinal fluid pressure, two a migraine medicine because sometimes dizziness can be considered an atypical migraine, and three calcium channel blocker.  But he said it's not like any of them are without side effects either. Interesting too he said that hormonal changes can be an influence on the dizziness as well, so being a woman in this case doesn't help matters. 

He thought my case warranted trying to enlist the help of a man at John Hopkins who is the leading researcher in vestibular disorders, he is doctor but one of those ones that only sees patients once a week and is very hard to get into see.  But he said my symptoms are so complex that the guy might just be interested.  So basically that means months of waiting to hear and still having to live with this rather debilitating dizziness.
I'm just wondering what the root cause of it all is in the first place.  Since yoga is out for now I am starting to practice meditation.  I pray daily but in addition believe I need to be able to learn to listen as well.  Truly feel like I need to tune into a higher guidance at this point.  Even some kind of gut feeling as to what might be behind it all or where to seek the healing I need.  It's interesting because with all that has been going on I feel almost estranged from that inner guidance.  I feel rather numb in some ways but of course these spells are wrecking havoc on the brain so it may be just that. 

When I came across this I thought how true.  And how much I need the soul to know what to do now because I'm simply without answers nor the wisdom I so need.