Saturday, February 4, 2012

Take Chances

Living out loud with passion and purpose. It’s better than standing in the shadows and waiting for the storms to pass. Step forward with courage and faith. Don’t stay behind with the herd. Don’t go with the status quo, go against the grain. Focus on your solutions, not your problems. Take chances, lots of them. Because really, no one got anywhere in life by standing on the docks or watching from the sidelines.

People run. People hide. They think if they pull the covers over their head, everything will just go away. Life doesn't work like that. Sooner or later, the dawn of a new day will shine on the same things that troubled you yesterday. Face your fears head on. Push through the pain. When you do, you'll pass a barrier into a new dynamic about your life that will astound you. One that will leave you thinking, "It's good to finally be ALIVE." ~ Gusto
Could not have said it any better.  Facing those storms is anything but easy, yet necessary.  Lately I feel there are no comfort zones that I've been thrust in the eye of the storm to face the deep seated fears that linger.  It's scary some days to have to face the very things that make one quiver in fear.  To keep one's focus on the solution is challenge in itself. 
 And some days I feel like this bear just want to hide under the covers hoping any troubles disappear. But alas though it might be okay for a day but then one must always shed the covers and take the chances necessary to live life to the fullest.  How one goes about doing this is something to ponder as well. Small steps I suppose combined with taking chances and having faith.