Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sweet Treats

Some days are meant for spoiling.  Yesterday was one of them. 

When my baby has a birthday she gets the royal treatment.  Actually she probably gets thats pretty much every day but even more so on her special day.   But considering all she has been through with her skin allergies and cataracts, plus all the unconditional love she shares....well she deserves to be spoiled and showered in love.

As I baked her homemade cookie cake, she came to peek to see how it was going.  Then when the icing was being whipped up she came trotting in hoping for a lick.  Of course all she had to do was look at me with those big brown eyes and she got a taste of the icing.  : )

So after a tuna and baked potato dinner, she got what makes her the happiest a sweet treat.  To my little one who has brought me more love than I ever imagined possible.....Happy Birthday!

Cake my favorite treat.

Sneaking a lick while mommy and daddy sing Happy Birthday.

Exhausted after playing with my new ball and eating cake. 

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