Sunday, February 12, 2012

Soul Sunday

“On the stormiest of your days take refuge with God. His arms are strong enough to help you carry whatever burden is weighing you down. It may seem to take quite a while to get back to the you that you want to be but never doubt that He is leading you to an abundant feast.” Elmer Laydon
Sometimes you'll reach a point when it feels like your life is on the edge of a cliff. Your stomach is in your throat, knees wobbled by gut-wrenching tragedy. No matter where you are in your journey, young or old, you'll face times when you've lost control. You'll feel hopeless, insecure, and scared.

Yet even in those times, at the depth of despair, no hope, no options, there's always a light to
guide you. That light is inside you, the undying spirit given to you at birth, the will to live, to survive, to keep going. Clinch it. Hold on tight, and with all your might, push yourself off the ground, take a deep breath, look UP, and listen.

There's a voice, silently whispering; "This too shall pass. Keep going. You've got what it takes. You'll make it. Don't give up!" Gusto

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