Monday, February 20, 2012

Online Privacy

Thought this was worth sharing.  This morning I came across this story on abc news about facebook photos being hijacked then being used on porn sites.  Disgusting but true.   It seems it is happening more than people realize. 

And I also came across this very informative article explaining how any wifi public site, password or not, isn't really all that private.  Amazing how when it comes to technology nothing seems private these days.  Seriously ever since computers came into the picture there seems to be way more cases of identity theft as well, which is serious stuff. 

When I first started blogging, or for that matter doing anything online, I somehow always felt uncomfortable displaying photos.  I think because of just these reasons, one never knows where their personal photos might turn up.  Sharing honest feelings and thoughts with the world is personal enough.  I've always felt uncomfortable when using forms online that ask for so much detailed information, you know why does any company need to know so much.

So that is why when it comes to personal photos I put words across the faces, to try and deter them from being taken by malicious people or sites. (even though the real techies will find a way to get around it)  Though it may take away from the photo suppose it is worth trying to keep a photo somewhat personal yet still wanting to share it with people on such sites as facebook and where ever else. 

Just thought this was a good reminder that the internet and our cell phones aren't always as safe as we think.  And when it comes to posting photos online we should all take extra precautions. 

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