Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Musings

So this weekend we actually got out of the house.  A family party, when the niece is there it always involves fun.  We played like kids.  It was such a nice change.  Like I say I'm grateful for any moment I'm able to play and spend moments with those I love.  They mean so much more now.

Then Sunday the man decided he wanted to do nothing but watch tv and play on his droid all day. 

I felt a little bored so tried to write a blog, until he says the typing is bothering him.  What!?  Oh he didn't really go there, this coming from the guy who is glued to his computer/phone.  When he had his blackberry all I heard was annoying typing, even while trying to sleep many a night.  But when I used to tell him it was annoying he just wrote it off.  MEN!

Our household is in a technology rut.  Everything revolves around it. We even have to eat in front of the tv.  We need an intervention, a get away to an island that allows no tvs, computers, phones or ipods. We need quality one on one fun time.  

No more taking a backseat to technology or work. 
For instance in the workplace during a meeting, would one think of playing on their phone or texting, spending all their time on the computer or tv?   No right they would be fired, then why do people think it's okay to do with their loved ones.

Yet so many of us think nothing of doing it when not working.  Instead of using our free time to enjoy life, to create fun quality moments together and whatever else, we immerse ourselves in technology that in the end really isn't that important or enriching to overall life. Why when out with others do we need to share photos or document every experience on facebook or twitter.  Why do we need to constantly text others, just enjoy the moment with whomever your with.

This Monday I'd like to go back to the days before all these other gadgets that in my opinion make life way less fun, interesting, social and if anything seem to add more stress.  I'd gladly get rid of all mine if it meant the man and I could do more, talk more, play more, love more, and simply live life without being distracted by senseless gadgets that in the grande scheme of life just aren't as important as the importance we give them!

So I think what we need is to find a small island, with no tv or internet connections and just immerse ourselves in the sights and sounds of not only nature but each other!  (now if only we could win the lottery to pay for such a vacation) ha

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