Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Musings

Monday, is it here already?

Yesterday for Super Bowl we tried out a buffalo hot sauce chicken recipe, it was delicious and better than anticipated. (we have tried a few but they never came out as we desired until now)   My man likes drumsticks so we chose to use them in place of the actual little chicken wings.  He dipped his in more hot sauce when they came out of the oven I stuck with what was already on them. Combined with homemade french fries it was the perfect football meal.   Rice Krispie treats for dessert.  : )

Saturday we tried to get out for a little bit, the man's favorite sports store Mitchell and Ness was having a 50% off everything sale.  It took us a little to get there, and when we arrived were surprised to see the line about fifty deep and not moving.  Given it was chilly out we opted to forgo it because the wait was over a hour.  Literally we went to a few other stores, a hour later came back and the people that had been standing in line when we left were still outside in line. Anyway, it just felt so good to be out!

And of course given it was Puppy Bowl too, our little girl had to play some football.  She even got some rice krispie treats. Yes she is completely spoiled but isn't that what your suppose to do, spoil the ones you love.   This Monday I feel like there is a lot to do but don't know quite where to begin.

Overall the Super Bowl seemed less exciting compared to other years, it was a little slow.  Although slow moving is good because it makes it easier for me to watch given the dizziness.  Wish Tebow and the Broncos had made it as it would have been more entertaining.  I thought Madonna's performance was good though I wish she had left the stiletto heels at home because the girl can dance but the boots kind of got in her way.  Her old music is still the best.  Favorite commercial was Matthew Broderick....Bueller, Bueller.

Also this weekend, a bottle of vitamin water fell into my purse (don't ask), everything is purple and sticky.  So now I need to find a new purse.  Here is where I need your help.  I'm looking for a tan leather, satchel or tote type of bag with a few pockets on the outside for under $100.  If anyone has any ideas where I might find one I would greatly appreciate your input. I've looked a little online fell in love with this one but it's closer to $200 and the way I tend to go through purses that seems a little high.  Thanks!

Okay time to get some things accomplished this Monday, or at least try!  : )

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