Saturday, February 18, 2012

Holiday Expectations

Holidays and birthdays are always rather interesting between the man and I.  He is just not that into them.  Plus he tends to be a last minute shopper. And I tend to be the opposite.

On a few occasions his last minute ways have even left me salty, remember one birthday I just wanted to spend the day doing fun things with him but instead he spent it running around town for a gift.  I try to hint not to wait to last minute and that simple little things like inexpensive jewelry, books, clothing, even something as simple as a houseplant would be fine. 

To me it's not the gift that matters but the thought behind it. I hate to think about someone running around last minute just trying to get something to have a gift.  Know what I mean?

So this year Valentine's Day we were suppose to cook together, but he was out doing his last minute shopping it was getting late so I ended up cooking.  And the tv replaced any candle lit meal.  But he did manage to find two beautiful flower bouquets, a bag filled with candy favorites, with the best card he has possibly ever given.  So that makes up for dinner I suppose!  : )

And given Valentine's Day is followed by my birthday it's not easy for any man.

Birthday things were a different story.  He seemed to wait to last minute, didn't have a present but told me I would get it on Saturday....when I reminded him we already had plans which I told him about more than a few times, he look surprised.  Turns out his present was hockey tickets he had just bought to the Flyers for Saturday afternoon.  Yup the day we already have plans that cannot be rescheduled. 

So birthday night was kind of a bust as he had to work on his website which he didn't finish until 7:30 ( I was starving by then), ordered take out instead of going out and not even a cake.  Not exactly what I had imagined. ; )  Though the man did manage another fabulous card!  (got to focus on the positive)

Yup I think for his birthday he needs an assistant to do his banking,bills, clean, laundry, shopping, and pick up after him so we can have more time to do fun stuff without having to feel like everything is rushed or done last minute. Between work and working on his own website in his free time it leaves him little time to simply relax and enjoy things.

Anyway I think birthdays and holidays can be tough because everyone has different expectations and ideas of what they should be like.  And maybe that's the whole problem expectations.  Sometimes I think it's just better to have no expectations, just be thankful that on the holidays we have loved ones to spend it with.  Maybe it's easier not to even exchange gifts.  As I think we probably all get caught up in the idea of the perfect gifts or days when really that is not what it's truly about.  And when one is able to put it in that perspective any day takes on a new meaning.

So maybe I didn't get that candle lit dinner I was imagining, or the little gifts I had in mind but I am thankful for what I was given beautiful written words and these lovely flowers.  It's the thought that counts the most!

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