Friday, February 10, 2012

Everyday Valentine

Valentine's Day....not sure why but since I was a kid it's always been a favorite of mine.  Maybe it's the hopeless romantic in me, the thoughtful gifts we always received as kids for the holiday, or the sheer energy of love in the air on that particular day. 

And I have always wish that love could be celebrated that way everyday not just reserved for one day a year. 

Love like anything else it needs nurturing to stay healthy, strong, and vibrant.  Too often it can get taken for granted and overlooked due to the other demands of life.  Those little moments of affection or making love can take a back seat to fatigue or work, the romantic dinners turn into dinners zoning out in front of the tv, date nights slowly disappear, short texts take the place of cards or handwritten love letters, just each partner realizing how special and lucky what they share can be forgotten.
It's been said we get what we give, we attract what we are, and we have the power to create amazing or not so amazing relationships.  Just as life is constantly asking us to grow, to learn, to become the best we can possibly be so is love.  Love might just be the biggest challenge, teacher and feeling we ever face.  It asks much of us, such as we love unconditionally, show kindness, compassion, forgiveness, loyalty and faith, it asks that we give without expectation, stand strong in unity during times of adversity, rejoice together in good times, it asks us to put another persons happiness and dreams first, to not judge or condemn.  It requires work, communication, commitment and patience.  And most of all it requires attention, affection and lots of nurturing.

If only every day we could express the love we show on Valentine's Day.

Life is short. We don't take our jobs, houses, cars or other material things with us, we only take the love we have felt and shared.  Doesn't it make sense then that love be given more importance in life.  Each of us has the ability to create love each day.  Simply giving with out expectation, showing more affection, having fun, spending quality time together with no distractions, and making love a priority are great places to start.

And sometimes conversation hearts can be just the perfect way to express love. 


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