Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Today a favorite read of mine discussed an email she had received inquiring why they never writes anything not good.  In a sense almost questioning whether the writer has such moments, and why they don't ever share them.

Truth be told each blog is unique.  That is what makes the blog world so great that each is a little different than the next.  There are going to be those people who feel comfortable discussing all aspects of their lives and those who don't.  There are also those who prefer to create a niche of some sort and those who don't.   All are perfect in their own way.  And the beauty of it all is we get to decide what we desire to read.

Sometimes blogging can be difficult, more so when it comes to choosing how much one feels comfortable revealing or sharing about themselves and their lives.  I have struggled with this at times as well.  Do I write about the not so good moments or do I only share those good moments.  What I came up with was this....whatever feels right is what I write about.  Essentially I just write what expresses itself first in my heart and thoughts, honestly I've never been good at holding things in life is just too short for that.

For me personally this blog was created as a journal of sorts, one in which I could write about whatever came to mind or how I felt, plus thoughts that simply needed to be released, inspirations I stumbled upon, thought provoking articles, great recipes, dogs that needed homes and a whole other host of things.

Sometimes our blogs involve as we do.  It's not easy as sometimes what happens one day can quickly change the next, and those things might not always be captured in words either.  I do think its hard for followers as well.  They get a glimpse into others lives and naturally almost like the reality shows we become hooked on, they want to know even more about the people they read about and feel they know. 

So I think each of us has to keep that in mind when reading blogs.  No one is perfect nor do they have perfect lives no matter how great their lives through the blogs sound.  We have to simply learn to appreciate each blog, each writer for who they are, as well as their writing styles, topics, and whatever else.  Best of all there is something to be learned from them all!

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