Saturday, January 28, 2012


Do you ever find yourself asking what is normal?

Normal is defined as conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; regular; natural. Serving to establish a standard.

For the most part though I'm not sure normal can be defined because life and people are too unique to be held to certain standards or labels.  What is normal for one might not be for another.  That's the tricky part about life.  And maybe normals change throughout life as well.  They say our bodies go through changes every seven years.

Having said that though I find myself craving a normal life again as mine has been anything but what I consider normal lately.   But then I suppose the normal here would pertain to what I consider normal to be.

At the moment I just want to have my health back that would make me feel normal, to be able to drive, go to the store, and do those little daily tasks we all take for granted.  Seriously I miss it so much some days I fear I might go crazy with desire to have it back.  The normal I once thrived in as turned into a black hole I can't understand.  Normal....I vaguely remember what mine feels like.

I look through all our photos and miss how good I used to feel.  Just last March we were gallivanting on the beach in Atlantic City feeling oh so happy and normal.  Little did I know a few months later my health would change to a level that feels anything but normal.

I'm tired of my body rebelling, at least that's what it feels like to me.   And I worry what if this is my new normal.  You know as in what if this can't be cured, or won't go away.  How do I learn to accept and live with this new normal.   Oh normal is so subjective but I want my old normal back.

Please universe can I have normal back or at least a new normal where I can be free from all these health ailments that are physically and mentally draining.  Oh what I would give to go back to feeling normal.

Think about what normal means to you and cherish it because you never know when it can change.