Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Legend: A person or thing that inspires.

Joe Paterno is considered a legend.  He spent most of his life, 46 years to be exact as head coach of Penn State football.  He became the coach with the most wins ever in division one college football.  An amazing feat, one that will probably not occur again given the way coaches get hired and fired these days if they go a few seasons without winning seasons. What he did for Penn State University was incredible and to the student body he is like everyone's grandfather.

But what many people don't realize is Joe Paterno was so much more than just a football coach. He was married over 50 years, created a beautiful family, and touched so many people with his gentlemen, kind ways. He was humble.  Their family lived in a simple house on campus, was always approachable and friendly unlike many in his position.  Him and his wife Sue used to chat with and sometimes invite in the students that had the nerve to knock on their door. 

The emphasis that he placed on ethics and moral conduct and his philosophy on football, to meld athletics and academics, were signatures of his coaching style.  He was a philanthropic donating millions of dollars and so much more.  In fact, he was so low key that most don't even realize all the good things he and his wife did for others. 

Yeah I could mention the mistakes he made along the way, or even try to focus on the negatives that might exist but don't we get enough of that blasted to us by the media everyday.  I get tired of the way our society seems to like to focus on the negative instead of concentrating on the positive. Of course everyone is free to their own opinions but who are any of us to judge any way. 

What we must remember is that with any legend they are also human which means they have imperfections and make mistakes just like any one else.  And sometimes it's those very things we all learn the most from, they help us all to grow and teach us that no one is perfect.

People are human they are going to make mistakes, they are going to falter along the way, and every one is going to have some sort of regrets.  But when someone has spent the majority of their life doing incredibly good things I think that deserves the focus.

As Rick Reilly said "If we're so able to vividly remember the worst a man did, can't we also remember the best."  

Amen and God Bless. 

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