Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Musings it really here already.

The weekend was fun, got the man to do something each day which is huge.   We walked around the mall and window browsed  Friday night, even had a little meal in the food court.  It felt so nice to be out without distractions such as the tv and have quality time with each other.

Every couple need such moments to just hold hands and be together in the moment.  (the dizziness held off for awhile which was nice, though after about a hour and half my brain had enough stimuli as it was hard to keep my balance but it's okay because I had fun)

Plus I love when everything is decorated for the holidays it gives it such a festive, magical feel.  On the way home we took in some pretty decorated houses for the holidays.  I love driving around looking at the holiday lights, and the individual styles of each house.

Saturday we did a little shopping at Target, and Sunday we took Angel to the pet store and just let her walk around.  She checked out the birds, hamsters, howled at a few dogs in the training class and got some new treats.  We wish that dogs were allowed in more stores, as to many a family they are considered our kids and it's just so special when they can go places with us.

Yesterday was also football, Tebow and the Broncos had another unbelievable game.  Tebow is truly one of the most inspiring athletes.  Told he would never play in the NFL he sure is showing the critics.  Yeah maybe Tebow doesn't have the perfect set of skills yet, but don't tell him that because he believes he does, and belief well it can move mountains. 

It's great to hear about people who defy the odds because it shows us all that anything is possible.  There will always be naysayers in life, people who love to criticize and judge others, who have nothing good to say but who are they really.  They are human beings just like the rest of us, no smarter or better.  Individuals like Tebow  it reminds us to follow our dreams and believe anything is possible.

A great thought for today and everyday.....

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