Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Musings


So apart from our grocery shopping extravaganza, the highlights of the weekend were basically a scramble rematch with the man that I won and the Broncos actually being on tv in Philadelphia.  Tebow has a way of brightening up one's weekend.  : )

Okay so apart from that I got stuck with the dishes again.  Our little cottage didn't come with a dishwasher, and since the man seems to resist any kind of housework since we moved here, it seems I get stuck with both cooking and cleaning up more nights then I would like.  

Honestly the toilet could be completely disgusting yet he would never think to clean it.  In fact, he told me if it wasn't for me he would just clean bed sheets every so many months.  Hence since his philosophy is houses don't need to be cleaned, I get stuck with it all. Fun, fun.

One day away from finally being able to upgrade my phone, and the phone I want is on back order.  Funny thing is I predicted that would be the case.  Even though my phone is useless Verizon would not let me officially upgrade with the loyal customer discount until the exact date.  It doesn't exactly make me want to continue being a loyal customer. haha

I bought a Tai Chi dvd to see if that might help the dizziness, they say it's gentler than yoga. I felt a little dizzy but believe it was the neck warm up so I will avoid that,  What I didn't anticipate is it is over 3 hours long.  It spends a large amount of time going over each move, then there is an option to put them all together.  It took a hour just to get through two sections, and there were at least six more sections.  I was hoping for one that had say a forty minute beginner routine. .

With the dizziness situation it doesn't allow for a lot of head movement, especially downward. So many of the yoga poses where the head is hanging down, twisted to the side or whatever leave the room spinning.  And the treadmill is out for even light walks as the movement completely aggravates the dizziness.  I miss yoga as I found that was rather helpful for releasing stress.

By the way, could someone please tell me why everyone has a cell phone but few seem to want to actually pick it up when it rings?   There are days I find texting a whole conversation just takes way too long, when I could easily say in two minutes what it seems to take a half hour to text back and forth.  Maybe it's just me but texting can be rather impersonal sometimes. (not to mention the numerous times things are misunderstood or taken the wrong way)  

Anyway, it's Monday my thoughts are all over the place and I need to chill.  Blessings!

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