Friday, December 30, 2011

Medical Intuitive

This week I gave in and contacted a Medical Intuitive.  Honestly the doctors have no real answers for me regarding the vertigo, and other ailments, so I figured why not.  Not sure I'm a believer or not but it gave me something other to do than sit here overcome by fear and crying why me why me. (lets face it dealing with any kind of health issues is scary and difficult to deal with)

I know life is composed of energy, our bodies are energy and so I theorize there must be some kind of energy to us that certain sensitive individuals might be able to pick up on.  Or well that's my simple explanation. haha

A Medical Intuitive is an alternative medicine practitioner who uses their self described intuitive abilities to find the cause of a physical or emotional condition.   Caroline Myss and Edward Cayce are two well know intuitives.

Honestly I have become rather desperate for answers.  Trust me anyone would if their world consisted of spinning spells when one tried to do something as simply as reading a book.  And it's not just that the vertigo or vestibular dysfunction as the doctors refer to it by seems to be setting off my heart.  Yeah those fun skipped beats are back.  Ugh can you say frustrating.  I'm learning that can happen when the vestibular system malfunctions.  Greattttt. 

But yet still no root causes have been figured out nor cures either, how is that possible?

Anyway, the intuitive brought up some interesting things such as have blood work done for Lyme disease, ear wax issues, back issues centering where my head meets my neck, and even suggested some deep seated past life issue could be at the root cause. (okay that may seem a little far out but just trying to keep an open mind since the medical doctors don't have any concrete answers either) 

The most interesting idea she brought to the table was the mention of Cranial Sacral therapy.  As a physical therapist I had seen had performed it once on me and it had provided relief at the time.  My own intuition has been leaning to trying it on a regular basis, but because it can cost a lot was unsure.  It's often performed on people with head injuries, which interesting enough is what the physical therapist at the time felt I displayed more of than ear related issues.  

She also mentioned bringing religion more into my life, which is something I feel has been lacking for awhile now.  I used to be much more spiritual which is something I desire to get back to.  Not only that but I want to find a religion that feels right for me as well.  Although I was raised Catholic sometimes I feel more drawn to other religions. 

Was the session worth the money not sure, then again a lot of my specialists visits weren't worth the money.  I will investigate and explore the things she suggested to see if there is any validity to them. 

I do know this life is a mystery, and all we can do is keep an open mind because one never knows where the answer they might be looking for resides. 

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