Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Holiday

Sometimes I think the craziness that comes with holidays often overlooks the real meaning of them.  People often times get so busy trying to find the perfect gifts, host parties, etc, that they forget what the true meaning behind the holiday.  Those moments simply spent sitting by the Christmas tree engaged in conversation with the ones we love is the most precious to me.  Or something as simple as making cookies together.

This year I made the usual Italian feast, even though we are not Italian. Lasagna, Bake Ziti with Caesar salad and homemade garlic bread.  Followed by Gingerbread and Ice Cream cake for dessert.

The day was pretty much spent playing with my niece who is a ball of energy.  We got some quality family time which was really nice.  Though the man was still glued to the football game and having to work on his website in the other room. (he can't even take a holiday off from it)  Only downside of the holiday was the dizziness lingered which wasn't exactly pleasant and made me have to limit my movements somewhat.  Who wants to do that especially when I have a niece who loves to play. : )

The man has to drive to New York on Christmas Day to see his mother, she doesn't allow Angel so I stay here with her.  Which allows me more time with my niece which is always great especially on Christmas.  Life through a kids eyes is so enlightening.  Simply letting go of all the adult distractions and letting ourselves play is fun.

I had all kinds of ideas of what the man might get me for Christmas.   Pretty much I'm the type of person that appreciates small little gifts, especially meaningful ones.  Seriously I can be happy with a four dollar ring. The man usually waits until literally the last minute to buy gifts, which means I never know what to expect.  I was definitely surprised when I got a netbook from him.  And tickets to the flower show.

I'd love to post all the photos I took but with the dizziness it's just too hard right now to edit them all.   I need to find an easier, quick way to edit all the photos I take.

And so with New Year's approaching I'm beginning to think I need some major resolutions.   In fact I need to create a list because there is a lot to tackle.  Tackle is a good word I think because there is just a lot of stuff that needs to be accomplished, resolved, worked on, healed, you name it.  This year there were many unexpected things, especially health wise that altered things in ways I had not planned.

I'm learning a lot from all that has happened this year, in the process there have been things I desire to change as well as things that need to change.  Including maybe even my blog.  Tossing around a lot of ideas....

For now Happy Holidays from my world to yours!

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