Thursday, December 1, 2011


A little while back I mentioned having recurrent dreams of tsunamis, and finding unusual shells on the beach. Well it seems I have a whole new dream subject lately tornadoes.   Interesting that my dreams always seem to involve some large act of nature.

I'm always running with my dog tucked securely into me to protect her from these things.  With the tornadoes it seems we are always running to find a basement.  And with the tsunamis just trying to get to high ground.

I've also been having dreams filled with all kinds of flirty love and passion. What's funny is early this morning I actually woke up with a huge smile in the midst of one of those dreams.  It's so strange when that happens when you are doing something in your dream and actually doing it in reality as well.  I've had all kinds of suitors show up in my dreams lately from people I know to celebrity types, and the man has been trying to fight many of them in the dreams.

There have been other dreams as well,  rather detailed but I won't even go into those, as many are all over the place and often not making sense.  That's the thing though are dreams suppose to make sense?  And why do we dream the things we do?  And what is the deal with complete strangers showing up in dreams I mean who are they and why do we dream about people we don't know?

Maybe I can understand the flirty dreams some days based maybe on how I'm feeling or lacking but the weather dreams I haven't exactly figured out.  Tsunami's and tornadoes are rather similar as both are massive force of nature.

Just yesterday I heard on the news that they believe dreams help us heal our path, but I can't help but wonder if they are also guides trying to share information or reveal something as well.  It's interesting.

And even more interesting is when you google the subject of a dream all kinds of meanings come up!

Oh well at least I dream, who knows why or if they have meaning but there's an interesting world that only exists in our dreams and sometimes that can actually be rather fun.  : )

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