Friday, December 16, 2011

Beach Dreams

The other night I had a dream filled of beautiful ocean waves and magnificent shells.  For awhile there it seemed like every other day I had such a dream.  And when I didn't for awhile I missed them.

One thing that always stands out is the happiness I feel in them.  I've always had this thing about the ocean.  In fact, I could sit staring at the ocean all day without feeling bored.  In a sense it seems to sooth my soul in a way I don't even quite understand. 

I don't even need warm weather, as even in the winter I still like to stroll the beach.  There are moments we have been in Atlantic City in the winter where I can barely contain myself from running to the beach.  While everyone is busy gambling there I am wrapped in layer upon layer trying to stay warm as I hunt for shells or simply sit on the beach breathing in the salt air, listening to the sound of the waves and pondering the mysteries of the sea. 

In fact, I even prefer it more in the off season when it's not overcrowded and noisy with man made noises that muffle the beautiful sounds of  the ocean.  

Some days I wonder how this love of the sea even began, and why my soul feels so deeply drawn to the beach and ocean.  I have lived in beach towns, you think that would have satisfied my soul just having that opportunity.  But yet it still seems to long to be back in a small beach town.  If only I could move my whole family to a beach town because though it's a dream of mine it's really quite nothing without family there to share it.  

The love I have for family is just as strong a draw as the beach. And of course the man who cannot just up and walk away from the great job he finally found as well.  Not to mention small beach towns aren't exactly over flowing with affordable housing or good paying jobs  

And that's where dreams can be tough because they may not always entwine with one another. So sometimes I wake from these ocean dreams to  wonder what can one do if their soul longs to be near the sea but simply cannot.  

Should we take more day trips to the beach. Or find a way to maybe even rent a place in the summers, of course that financially seems impossible.  Would the man even be game for more time at the beach as I don't think he longs for it as much.  Could I get the whole family, parents and sister's family included to somehow venture more to the beach together.  To be honest it is best when shared with others. And my dreams always seem to include everyone as well. 

Just thoughts and a little daydreaming.  

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