Sunday, November 20, 2011

Soul Sunday

"At times we all can get impatient while we wait for God to work in our lives. We pray and pray but no answer seems to come - at least not when we want it to come. Remember that God works in His own time and an answer will come when the time is right in His eyes."

At some point or another I'm pretty sure everyone has experienced such a feeling.  Wanting or wishing an answer would come to whatever it is one is praying but not feeling an answer or maybe even the resolution one was hoping for. It's the very reason some people abandon their faith at times, because they themselves feel abandoned.  

Those times can seem like the hardest, those feelings of abandonment or being lost may crop up.  Simply not know what to do or how to resolve whatever it may be can be so very hard, and difficult to understand.  And sometimes people even seem to put their lives on hold waiting.

Maybe even the answer comes but it's not in the form or way one imagined, so it becomes in essence lost.  Whatever it may be, how does one remain patient in those moments.  And also keep themselves open to the answers.  How does one continue to live a full life when the prayers they need or desire are not being answered in the ways they need to feel good or happy. And what if what we pray for isn't really what's best for us. On Sundays I especially find myself pondering such ideas.

To a certain extent I think we just have to pray, and believe that what is suppose to happen will happen.  And even in those moments where many feel abandoned and/or lost one must find a way to have faith and hope.  Meanwhile, I think we must also remember to live each day to the fullest.

Find a way to surround ourselves with positive, good energy.  Follow our hearts, have fun, do the things that make us happy, fill our lives with unconditional love, listen to our intuition, help and support any one who needs it, etc., maybe by doing such things the very answers one might be looking for might come as well.

"Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you."

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