Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Penn State

As I attended Penn State for many years while an undergraduate college student I feel the need to talk about what has been splashed all over the media. 

I am disgusted and saddened by what has happened as a result of former defensive coach Sandusky, my heart goes out to the victims.  And feel a host of emotions, predominantly anger towards every individual that has seemingly looked the other way or chose not to get involved.  Also for the way the whole thing has been handled.  Why it is just all coming out now is a mystery in itself.

 What infuriates me even further is the media's role in basically focusing solely on Joe Paterno. And not always providing accurate facts or accounts. How did we as a our society become so quick to judge others.  What happened to living in a Democratic society  where people are innocent until proven guilty?

Kids are protesting because Joe Paterno has been more then just a football coach to anyone who attends Penn State, he is Penn State for many. And they are upset because they feel all the blame is being shouldered by him, when in reality the amount of people, coaches, school officials that knew the truth and didn't report it is staggering. They are feeling and expressing the unjustice they feel is taking place.  They want everyone held accountable not just a few.
Yes Joe Paterno should have done more, yes he should have went right to the police but he handled it as he believed he was suppose to.  He followed the procedures of the university for reporting such stuff.  Yes he should have followed up on it.  But there are many, many others who knew about this yet as well, only Paterno seems to be the focus of the lynch mob.  Letting so many other guitly parties remain in hiding.
Why are reporters not camped outside coach McQueary's house calling for his resignation?    He is the one that supposedly witnessed it first hand and never went to the police. Why did McQueary see a boy being attacked and just walk away?  Why did he not punch Sandusky in the face and do something to stop it the moment he saw it?   He should have been the first one fired!

Why did so many other people who are not even involved with Penn State overlook what they saw as well?   The Grand Jury report is filled with other people not even related to Penn State who saw inappropriate things yet no one reported anything either.  Which I provided a link to below. 
Even the police knew about Sandusky back in 1998, that's four years before the 2002 incident, and they didn't do anything either!  The police were properly notified back then but did nothing to stop this predator Sandusky.

 Everyone not just Paterno should lose their jobs over this. Bradley the interim coach has been there 33 years, how could he not know something.   Penn State needs to hold all football coaches, administration, and even board of trustees accountable by letting them all go and starting anew. That's the only way to get true justice for all the victims involved! 
What former coach Sandusky did was horrible the guy should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. 

It's also amazing how quickly some people are to blast Joe Paterno.  People who don't know the facts, haven't walked in his shoes, or  whatever else.  For over decades Joe Paterno and his wife have done so much for the community, the kids and many more.  He has been an outstanding coach who valued education and helping others.  It's amazing how all the good he has done will now be overshadowed by one mistake.  A mistake that many others, including the police even made.
The more details emerge, the more it's looking like the whole community knew about this guy's bad ways not just a few!

 Everyone of us can speculate as to what we might do in a situation, we all say we would report it right away, we all say we would confront the perpetrator, but again it's so easy to say or speculate what actions we would take, but until put into the exact situation it's impossible to know for sure.  Especially when we don't know everything surrounding the case, which no one may ever know. 
Let's take a look at the facts:

The first involves a charge that was brought against Sandusky in 1998, way before the 2002 incident.  Btw, this is the same year Sandusky stepped down as coach at Penn State.   The guy was a great coach but at only 55 he retired to never coached again.  Concidence or not?  Not to mention the charges were dropped and the DA has been missing ever since. Hmmmm.....
Second here is the Grand Jury report:

Clearly more then Penn State coaches, saw things that were inappropriate yet never reported anything either.  Many of who have not been fired from their jobs.

So who knows what went through Joe Paterno's mind, and for all we know maybe some people in this case were scared or felt threatened if they did go to the police that happens all the time.  Just look at the missing DA, what really happened to him?   We live in a scary world, bad things happen, and many, many people are scared or intimidated to speak up.  It happens in mob trials and gang incidents, the witnesses refuse to tell police anything nor even go to the police.  Many a case gets thrown out because witnesses refuse to testify out of fear or whatever else. 

Yes we all need to speak up when bad things happen, but it's much easier said then done for some.   For example, there are many a case of sexual harrassment in the workplace where the victims and people who know about it are afraid to speak up for fear of losing their jobs.  We just cannot understand until put into that situation how difficult it can be, even though the decision seems easy from an outsiders perspective.

What happened was horrible, but what is even more horrible is when people, when our society turns their back on the bad and just lets it happen.   This stuff happens everyday and we need to stop it. 
Joe Paterno was definitely wrong but he is also the scape goat basically taking the fall for so many, many others at Penn State and in the community.  You cannot let him go without letting the other coaches go as well.  Yet somehow all the other coaches who knew something and did nothing remain as coaches.  Is that fair or just?  Anyone who knew something and didn't speak up should be gone! 

You may or may not agree with me, that's fine.  That's the best part of living in America everyone is free to their opinion.  And maybe before jumping to any conclusions, making judgements, or forming lynch mobs against people who don't speak up, maybe we should try to learn the reason behind it so it doesn't happen again.  And put better procedures into place in case it does.  And figure out how to better protect those who do speak up.

And here is a link to the Penn State University various athletic offices and coaches.  Let your voice be heard send emails or call letting Penn State know what you think and what should be done.  Speak up, let your voice heard!

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