Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Musings

Monday....yet after a long holiday weekend I'm more welcoming then usual to the day.

Thanksgiving was good got to spend it with the parents, though missed my sister and niece a lot. The man got to watch the Villanova game on Thanksgiving, thankful for understanding parents who realize my man holiday or not, cannot go without watching sports on tv.  We all ate lots including the two dogs who seem to adore sweet potatoes.

And the weekend wasn't a complete dud either, actually got the man to go for a walk two days in a row!  Plus play scrabble Saturday night.   Though he still was tuned into the tv, at least it was a semi date night.  Now if only he could cap off the night with a little love.  Small steps. haha

Anyway, I did watch the move Love and Drugs last night, it was good though I think they could have wrote a little more depth into the movie. Though it had a touching premise. It definitely had no problem with sex, it felt like every other scene was them in bed, which only left me wishing the man would wake up and show some passion.  Just being honest as I find it hard to watch couples in movies having love all over the place and not be a little envious. : ) (in fact the love scene in Breaking Dawn when I actually get to see it might just send me over the top)

It's interesting as you always here about woman not wanting sex, but the more and more I hear there are plenty of men like that too. (if not even more men then women)  I know hard to believe but it's true.  Imagine a man choosing a game on tv, or even sleep, over love but it happens.

Sometimes I think that has to do with affection styles as well, as some people both men and women are overly affectionate and some are simply not.  Energy, hormones medicines, stress, work, kids, etc., all come into play as well. Whatever it is, life is short and people need to make more time for love even if it's just kissing, cuddling, hugging, holding hands, you know some form of affection.  Oh don't get me wrong it doesn't hurt to spice things up too. : )

Even on the Kardashian show last night, when Kourtney said they sleep in different beds I thought are you kidding me.  Yeah it's a known fact that due to hormones passion may  fade over time but that doesn't mean people have to let it.  She seemed to pick on him more then she ever showed him genuine love.  It's also a  known fact the more love you show the more love you feel.  They have proven that expressing love is one step to creating happiness.

In my opinion couples need to realize like anything in life sometimes it needs a little more attention, creativity, work, and whatever else to keep the romance alive.  And that's the beauty of it, but all too often people take each other for granted, they fall into routines that leave little room for love..

I felt like screaming at the the guy some affection, love, and give him a little or some days a lot of your undivided attention.  It's amazing to see how some people treat the ones they love, no wonder why Kim didn't last with Kris watch the show and it's apparent both are too selfish and wrapped up in themselves to begin to understand how to truly love another.  Anyway....

I think my Monday might just be turning into a pining for love day.  Who am I kidding it already has. haha

This Monday I am humming All You Need Is Love, and honestly I think that's going to be the thought for today.   Everyone is always a little bit happier when they give and receive a little love.  In my opinion life is short don't wait to show love, express it each day even if just in a tender long kiss, and life might just be a tad brighter for all.

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