Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Musings

Monday is here yet again. 

My weekends was a roller coaster of ups and downs. 

Friday night we had the most delightful dinner at Longhorns Steak House.  I was nervous such a busy place might irritate the dizziness.   But an Angel must have been  watching out because we got the best table in the house, a quiet corner booth.  Seriously what are the was so perfect I almost cried.   And the dinner was delicious!  Their salad was so good it prompted me to make a salad for us this weekend, and we never eat salad.

Saturday was rather uneventful, as it was filled with the man with his usual college football all day/night on tv.  I felt a little restless at times.  And sad over the whole Penn State thing.   Also got a tad stressed Saturday night feeling like I do everything around the house, while the man veges in front of tv. Oh well.  I'm trying hard not to get stressed and to not sweat the small stuff but it's hard as I'm a type A. 

Sunday was the worst.  Seriously from the moment I got out of bed I felt dizzy and it just got worst.  In fact, I had a scary dizzy spell that left my brain feeling horrible.  It was so intense I was left with no choice but to take a Valium.  I'm getting worried as so far none of the specialists can figure out why or what exactly it is or causing it.   It is affecting my life in so many ways, and not good ways.

The only brightspot in the whole day was by evening I was able to make a nice dinner and take a short walk around the block with the man and our little one.  And that meant the world to me!  

As I said to the man, this dizziness has given me such a new perspective on life.   It makes me sad to think how much I took for granted before.  I told him I think if one has good health they have already won the biggest lottery in the world.   And to those who don't finding it can be one of life's toughest challenges they will ever face.  Just something to think about.

Anyway, I have to try to limit the computer moments so that's it in a nutshell for this Monday

Look at the beautiful flowers the man brought home this weekend.  Which is a good reminder today and everyday don't forget to smell the flowers!

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