Friday, November 4, 2011

Life Is A Mystery

Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.

Often times I find myself trying to keep that in perspective as I go along this journey of life.  During times of adversity it has been the hardest.  

As truth be told I'm a problem solver,  I like resolutions, solutions, and whatever else you want to refer to them as.  Guess to sum it up the "not knowing" in life drives me crazy.  As I'm sure it does many a person. 

So this whole dizziness thing I've been going through has practically created such apprehension and fear in my life because when I start really thinking about no one knows the why or whats behind it.  How there are no perfect cures or antidotes to make it completely disappear.  Well all that simply sends me into a spiral of anxious and not so good feelings.   Sometimes the mysteries of life can be so downright frightful.

I must say "why me" at least a million times a week.   I just feel like I've been given a lot of adversity at times that I can't always wrap my brain around.   I already live with an arrhythmia that got diagnosed years ago but for which I have never truly come to learn to accept. (meaning it still scares me)  And so when this dizziness came along I thought noooooo.  And I kept thinking how is it one person can get afflicted with many health ailments when others might never experience even one.  Know what I mean?  

Oh I'm sure anyone going through any type of adversity shares many of the same feelings and thoughts.  And it's very hard to understand sometimes unless one has gone through it themselves or experienced it first hand.  But finding something positive in it all, learning to live life in spite of it, that is probably the hardest part.  As personally speaking I know I tend to dwell on the good times, and just keep screaming to the universe how I want them back.  How I just want to feel healthy, strong, normal, and independent again.  

And it's why I love quote so much because in essence not all problems can be solved that's a fact of life, one very hard to understand, but none the less true. That's what I try to remind myself to concentrate on living, worry less about fixing everything.  Isn't that what any of us can do during difficult times.... to simply try and live the best life possible.  Which many will roll their eyes at as it's much easier said then done.

Why do Fridays always seem to fill me with such deep thoughts.  Maybe because it's the weekend, and I feel the overwhelming desire to just let go of all the stuff I constantly dwell or stress about on a daily basis.  I just want to simply understand how to live the mysteries without worrying about solving them all.  Yeah something like that.  Whatever it is I love the quote. And I love this quote as well.....

It is worth remembering that the time of greatest fain in terms of wisdom and inner strength is often that of greatest difficulty. 

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