Sunday, October 16, 2011


Last night as I snuggled with Angel, trying to watch Limitless I kept wondering to myself is this what happens to the weekends when you get older?

What I mean by that is, our weekends feel like those commercials for the Venza, the ones where the kids think they have exciting lives all the meanwhile they are just staring at their computers and tvs while their parents are out truly living life.  Those commercials are great.

There are moments I think an intervention between the man and our tv might be good.  Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays have become a routine of simply watching tv all day and night.   Oh wait, I should give credit where credit is due....the man did agree to run errands or do something for a few hours on Sunday. (but still some days it feels rushed as deep down he would rather be sitting on the couch watching tv)

And from all the tv, I've become accustomed to all the male orientated commercials like cialis/viagra which make me wonder maybe a few of those would spice things up a little on the weekends? lol  Or all the low T commercials makes me wonder if my man is lacking in testosterone, hence his low energy or desire to do anything? lol   Those Living Social commericals have inspired me to sign up, hoping maybe they will inspire us to try new things if the price is discounted like they claim.  And all those commercials Chilis and other restaurants always leave me hungry wanting a plate of nachos!

Even with this dizziness I game to try new things. (not being able to drive is probably even fueling this desire and need more because I'm a little stir crazy at this point from being home all week)

My sister and brother in law go out more than us and they have a child.  My parents do too. Then again I grew up with parents and grandparents that did everything together.  They were always doing something fun together, even if it was just sitting home playing cards with other couples.  But the man grew up with parents that didn't do much together.  In fact he often says how his mother tried to get his father to do stuff, for whatever reason he would not.  So maybe that has something to do with it as well because he never saw that kind of interaction growing up.  Honestly I think that what one sees growing up influences ones life in many ways later on.

So as I sat watching Limitless, and the man sat downstairs watching college football, I wondered how we could insert a little more fun into our weekends.  Maybe even our weekdays as well.  This habit of just watching tv all day and night, eating our meals in front of the tv, holding conversations with the distraction of the tv, and the man having to have the tv on even during love tends to get a bit stale at times. (honestly my man likes tv more than sex )  Don't get me wrong I love the man but it just feels like we need to live a little more.  Probably sound like a broken record lately as every Saturday seems to bring on these same sentiments. lol  Oh well that's life.

Limitless was a good movie.  And snuggling with Angel is what life is all about....


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