Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

"You must listen to your own heart, for it will never lie to you"

My sister sent me the above quote this week.  A week which has not exactly been easy.  Oh I've mentioned the dizziness that has taken over my life in quite a few posts, by now I'm sure you've grown tired of it...I know I sure have!

This week I went to a neurologist, who I was told by another doctor, is an expert in the area of dizziness/vertigo.  Honestly the whole experience left me wondering what one considers an expert.  As this doctor had not a clue as to what is causing my dizziness, he mumbled a lot, and made me feel completely uncomfortable.  So without any real testing, didn't even look at the mri I had brought with me, the appointment ended with him handing me a script  for klonopin which he informed me I might have to be on for a long time.  Hmmmm....

So he doesn't know what caused it, why I have it, or anything of that nature but he feels comfortable prescribing a highly addictive drug that is only supposed to be used on a very short term basis.  None of my questions were answers, he only said he felt my vestibular system in the brain was in overdrive/out of control and it needed to be suppressed.  Could be from numerous things....injury, disease, virus, nerve damage, etc., okay so shouldn't that be investigate more. 

Both ear specialist told me they felt suppressing the vestibular system could make the dizziness last longer and create more eventual problems.  And both ear specialists felt there was something else going on in the brain that needed further evaluation and testing through a neurologist.

I left his office feeling bewildered.  With all the technology we have there still remains such a black hole when it comes to many a medical condition or symptom.   And I feel very uncomfortable with the idea of taking any highly addictive substance for the long term, especially one that will have to be increased with time.  And for which he admitted when it would needed to be withdrawn might be a difficult process as well. 

What doctors fail to mention is it can be a hellish process.  They fail to mention that many of the side effects or withdrawal effects from medicine can make it worse or be worst then the actual original problem.  I know individuals who got hooked on prescription medications, when you see someone go through that, it makes one a lot more cautious when it comes to certain kinds of medicine.  It's a very fine line. 

Overall, his lack of explanation for anything I asked left me with a bad feeling. 


It's moments such as these in life where I feel we need to listen to our hearts.  We need to listen to those whispers that life gives us, instead of just blindly following the advice of others that might not be right for us.   Our intuition speaks if we listen closely enough, and I think it is that little intuitive feeling we must let guide us sometimes.  In another words if something doesn't feel right don't do it.  

In this case, I personally feel I need to really research what is the best path to follow here.  I need to find healers who make me feel comfortable, who I feel I can trust, and who will respect my beliefs as well.  If that means third and fourth opinions so be it, as this is my body and I have to live in it.  I want to explore all areas, avenues, treatments, essentially whatever feels right.  As I've learned in the past what's most important is to follow the heart, listen to intuition, research, research, research and somehow make the very best informed decisions possible from all that.  

And so those are my thoughts for today, and may the heart lead me to what's best for me.  (yeah I know it's probably not going to be easy but then again is anything)  

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