Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rude Dude

Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength.

I have often wondered if people even realize when they are being rude or displaying rudeness?  In our society I'm not so sure anymore, as I think what many might consider rude, many others don't or haven't a clue as to what rude even is.

There is a part of me that feels rudeness is directly related to selfishness, as often times than not it seems the individuals who think of themselves more than others seem to display a high level of rudeness at times as well. 

Unfortunately, there are those who think they are better than others, or their time more valuable, or whatever else. These individuals tend to be so wrapped up in their own worlds, what's best for them, etc, that they don't even see themselves as being rude.   And of course there are other reasons as well that might cause people to be rude, such as those who aren't having a good day, not in a good mood, just got informed of bad news, have unhappy lives,etc..

Whatever the case though, what I have never understood is why people want to waste time being rude?  Life is short, and what can one possibly gain from being anything less than kind.  Besides the fact that how we treat others has a ripple effect as well. 

You see today I experienced rudeness first hand, someone I actually know was very rude, not only did it feel uncomfortable to experience but I felt such a loss of respect for them.  And I felt sad for them that they revealed they are capable of such unkindness and childish behavior.   Yet it also reminded me of the poor communication skills that can also be the culprit behind rudeness too. 

How do we deal with others displays of rudeness, that's the real question.  

Only one answer truly comes to mind, and that is to rise above their pettiness behavior.  Don't let their unkindness or rudeness bring you or anyone else around them down.  And don't let them get away with it, call them out on it.  Ask them why.  Hard to do for sure, but what other choice do we have other then to bring ourselves down to their level, which isn't worth it. 

There is a saying "two wrongs don't make a right", and in this case that could hold true.  And so if you too come across rudeness today, smile in it's presence, offer up a prayer, send thoughts of kindness and love to the rudeness and/or individual displaying it, and hope that your ripple of kindness will outshine theirs by miles, and maybe even provide them with an enlightening aha moment!

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