Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quality Shows

I've never been a huge tv watcher maybe it's because I never found many shows able to hold my attention, or all that interesting.   But living with the man who very much loves tv, I've experienced first hand how ridiculous negative many of the tv shows are these days.   I was tired of the cattiness, bickering, negativity, meanness, superficialness, violence, bullying humor that many a show I come across seems to contain. My neighbors next door choose not to even have cable and  many a day I can clearly understand why.

And so as this Fall season opened I wanted to try and see if I could find shows actually worth watching, that added something positive to life rather then negative.   And so far I've come across a few.

I was happily surprised with Oprah's new network and to stumble upon her Life Class series.  It makes one think and provides a little inspiration as well.  I think the only change I would like to see is less flashbacks from old Oprah shows and more of her talking about the actual life lessons.  As the quotes and thoughts she has are rather profound. And it's on every night at 8.  Also found her Soul Series on Sunday just as enlightening.  Her new network is definitely worth checking out.

And being I am home during the day , as I am right now, I felt compelled to check out The Chew.  Again another great show.  Though it focuses mainly on food it's great.  Each individual has their own personality, area of expertise.  They are all a little bit quirky but yet each exudes such passion for food and cooking.  Great ideas for eating healthy, entertaining, and easy recipes!

We both enjoy American Pickers, a reality show about two men, who travel the country in search of unique, old items.  Guess much like Antique dealers.  It's interesting the places they go, the people they meet, and the history behind the stuff they find. 

And would also recommend others shows like Man vs Wild that takes a rather cute Bear Grylls across the world, puts him in extreme environments/situations and then he explains how to survive.  Man,Woman,Wild is a similar type show but features a husband and wife team. 

On to two new dramas.  The first Revenge, yes the name doesn't sound positive and many of the main characters actions might not be considered that either but if you look deeper there are many lessons to be learned from the show, and that how we act, what we do eventually does come back to

The Gifted Man, this show is great.  Given it was put on Friday night slot I'm hoping it makes it because it has a great theme and message within each show.  The show has the ability to make one really think about life.  Plus, Patrick Wilson who stars as the main character is rather nice to look at too.  :)

Haven't exactly found a comedy that I find even remotely funny like back in the Seinfeld days, then again I haven't got a chance to check out Modern Family yet either.  And from what I hear it's a great comedy about family and life.   Still would like to add a comedy to the mix as we could always use more laughs. 

When it comes to news I think World New Tonight and Nightline on abc feature some great stories.  Their reporters such as Chris Cuomo, David Muir, Bill Weir, Bianna Goldryga, JuJu Chang, Dianne Sawyer, Bob Woodruff and many others go out of their way to find stories that are not only informative but enlightening.  Used to like Good Morning America but with the addition of Josh Elliot and Lara Spencer I feel the quality of the stories, reporting, and show has dimished greatly.

Anyway, it's just nice to once in awhile stumble across shows filled with positive vibes.  I'm sure there are more waiting to be found but for now this is a sample I feel is worth checking out.   And if you stumble across this post today please feel free to leave a comment about any other great shows worth checking out as well!

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