Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Musings

Monday.....oh why does this day seem to arrive quicker than any other?

And today hasn't exactly started off as I hoped.  Literally half a hour into being awake a dizzy spell hit.  Oh boyyyyyyy.

But let's put that aside for a moment.   As I did manage to food shop with the man on Friday night, something neither one of us looks forward to.   He wants us to buy enough food in one shopping trip to last 5 weeks, makes for some challenging shopping and not to mention two carts.  Surprisingly it usually works other than having to pick up perishables such a milk and vegetables in between. 

Saturday was a fun family party.  Oh even though I might not have been feeling hundred percent my niece has a way of injecting joy into life.  In fact haven't giggled or laughed like that in a while.   We adults should take lessons from kids, they just do what makes them happy.  We danced, colored, played school, wrestled, tickled, sang, and  had plenty of silly moments.  

After spending all day being a kid though, bed never looked so good, and to my surprise as I flipped channels Twilight Eclipse happened to be starting.....ahhhh a good love story to cap off a fun day.

Sunday, tried to do some computer work but a dizzy spell put the breaks on that.  So I found the coziest blanket, turned on the Red Zone, and our afternoon become a snuggle watching football fest with some naps in between.  And Tebow won his first game as the starting QB for the Broncos!

And how it is already Monday I don't know.  I want the weekend back, to be surrounded by the ones I love.  That is the worst part of Mondays in my opinion.  The house feels so empty without the man.  Or the little texts from my niece.  And phone calls from the family.   Plus with this whole dizziness well Mondays and weekdays have a whole new feel to them as I tend to get a little ancy stuck at home.   But.....

Putting all that aside I guess Mondays, or any day for that matter, is what we make it.   So I remind myself to smell the flowers, and appreciate the little things that often times bring the most joy.

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