Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Musings


So even though the man drives me nuts with his obsession of sitting on the couch watching tv all weekend, I admit come Monday I miss him.  :)  

Yesterday I actually got him out of the house for almost 2 hours, oh it felt so good to just be out!

Though it wasn't without complaints, he complains if he has to go to more then one store, if it takes too long, he can't understand why we go to different stores for different things or to get good prices, and then of course there is the rush to get back home to computer/tv! haha 

Oh he can be a handful as he isn't the most understanding. So yes I had to listen to him complain but if it gets us out of the house on the weekends I'll deal with it.    Anyway....

Today is a beautiful sunny day in Philadelphia, so instead of staring at a computer screen which I really should not be doing a lot of anyway I think I will try to enjoy the warm weather before the cold stuff moves in.  I am not a fan of the cold weather, cold weather in my opinion equals hibernation.

Wish I had someone to sit on the porch with today and simply just chat with.  :)

It's Monday, and yes the start of a busy work week for many but let's all remember to smell the flowers along the way as well!


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