Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Time Heals

There is a saying.....

"Time heals all wounds"
Lately I'm beginning to ponder this.

As some wounds seem too deep to be completely healed.  Such as those that penetrate the deepest parts of our heart and soul.   Those having to do with love,  or moments where trust and other such things become broken, or dreams are shattered.  Other wounds feel too mysterious, puzzling to be healed.  Such as diseases of the body.
As I'm sure we all have I've experienced both and sometimes don't feel time will heal all.

Oh how I wish it did, the optimist in me wants to believe.   But with some wounds I think it's simply  a matter of learning how to live with them.  Then again maybe my thoughts are influenced by the fact that none of the experts have an answer or solution to this current wound of dizziness in my world at the moment.
Maybe with time not all wounds can necessarily be healed but maybe they can be lessened.  Who  knows, but as I continue to ponder this and go about life journey maybe the answers will come.  Maybe time will teach me the truth behind the saying....


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  1. hey, my aunt dealt with severe dizziness for years and spent time at the mayo clinic, im pretty sure they traced it back to inner ear issues. have they looked into thaT?


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